Molise and its Christmas of torches on fire

Today we would like to tell you about Molise! A timid Italian region, less known, but with strong Christmas feelings and traditions.

These traditions, all with centuries-old origins, are numerous and suggestive and each year attract visitors from all over Italy.

Christmas in Molise is the richest period of excitement and nostalgia for the past. A past represented by zampogna (bagpipe), authentic symbol of this region. The characteristic sound of zampogne invades big and smaller towns, bringing a magic atmosphere and serenity. This bagpipe is not just a musical instrument but an ethnic symbol, which binds the population of Molise and its history in an indissoluble way. Zampogna in Molise is associated also with Christmas, a period when the bagpipers go door to door playing Christmas songs. It corresponds to the last nine days before Christmas, the bagpipers perform in fact the Novena, a beautiful piece of music called also Pastorella.


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In Molise there are also many enchanting events, some of those a mix of the profane and the sacred.

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