Campania and its Christmas with family and cribs

And here we are in Campania! A land rich in Christmas traditions with a strong sense of family and joy.

In Campania first of all Christmas means to be seated around a table with family. It is one of the most anticipated moments and emotion of the entire year, an essential ritual. There is no escape, at Christmas home is the place to stay. In the company of your family to eat, drink and play. Everything must be perfect, table setting takes on a lively tone; mistletoe, angels, coloured napkins and many many dishes. A proper tour de force filled with joy. The festivity, or better, the festive season, witnesses the fervent preparation of the two main meals: Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Lunch; on St. Stephen, the 26th December, usually people feast on tons of leftovers from the two days before.

When speaking of Christmas in Campania immediately thoughts also turn to the traditional and historical crib. In most of the towns there are organizations and groups of people that every year repeat the ritual of setting a nativity scene. The crib was and remains a way to represent not only the sacred but also the realism of everyday life. In Campania, the crib is more than a tradition. It is part of everyone’s life, it is an act of faith and a time for family and social gathering.

IMG_7877The first place where to enjoy Christmas in Campania must be Naples. It is a special place with a breathtaking beauty and uniqueness. Full of contradiction, between spirituality and passion.

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Molise and its Christmas of torches on fire

Today we would like to tell you about Molise! A timid Italian region, less known, but with strong Christmas feelings and traditions.

These traditions, all with centuries-old origins, are numerous and suggestive and each year attract visitors from all over Italy.

Christmas in Molise is the richest period of excitement and nostalgia for the past. A past represented by zampogna (bagpipe), authentic symbol of this region. The characteristic sound of zampogne invades big and smaller towns, bringing a magic atmosphere and serenity. This bagpipe is not just a musical instrument but an ethnic symbol, which binds the population of Molise and its history in an indissoluble way. Zampogna in Molise is associated also with Christmas, a period when the bagpipers go door to door playing Christmas songs. It corresponds to the last nine days before Christmas, the bagpipers perform in fact the Novena, a beautiful piece of music called also Pastorella.


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In Molise there are also many enchanting events, some of those a mix of the profane and the sacred.

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Lazio and its sacred and profane Christmas

And here we are in Lazio! Christmas season here is special for the presence of the Pope in Rome. But also for the traditional folk celebration of Befana everywhere in the region.

Lazio fill in of Christmas events and with Rome and the Vatican city become the centre of the Christian Christmas festivities.

Let’s start with Rome. It dresses up and all the monuments are even more striking under the Christmas lights.


The Vatican city draws big crowds of pilgrims in the city.

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