Filo lungo Filo: the event dedicated to the textile crafts


Friday, September 23rd 2016 the 22° Edition of the event Filo lungo Filo un nodo si farà opens at the Villaggio Leumann in Collegno just outside Turin, organized by Associazione Amici della Scuola Leumann in collaboration with the Coordinamento Tessitori, until 25th September.

The fair is dedicated exclusively to the textile crafts and it is for all those who weave by hand so that they can show their products. It is also an important event for craftsmen and textile art scholars with its conferences, workshops and exhibitions.

The place where the event is held has also a historical importance for Italian weaving. In the second half of the ‘800 a cotton mill was implanted in Collegno and the village was born and developed around the factory. In 1972 the mill closed, but today there is still its memory and the Association works to re-establish the link between work-weaving-village.

An appointment that we’ll try not to miss, always looking for artisans to interview and visit.

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