Marche and its Christmas lit by candles

Here we are today in Marche, one of the regions that was unfortunately struck by the last powerful earthquake in the Centre of Italy. We believe that the magic of Christmas has the power to give relief during difficult times, so we can try to help.

A journey in the Christmas tradition of Marche is therefore an opportunity for rebirth and redemption after the earthquake, to introduce you to the Christmas atmosphere of historic villages and cities of art that are the driving force of the tourist recovery of the region.

Marche follow a well-established tradition (of Nordic origins) of folkloristic street markets and living nativity scenes in many towns.

Among the more original Christmas markets we have to mention the Candelara of Pesaro, set in the old medieval village on the surrounding hills. It’s the first Italian Christmas market dedicated to candles. Every year, thousands of visitors come from all around Italy to Candelara to enjoy the evocative and unique feast of the candles.

Every evening the village becomes an enchanted place lit by thousands of flames that replace artificial lights. Visitors can enjoy the magical atmosphere and the street markets, while fireworks and balloons light the sky.

Let’s have a look at this video and visit Candelara with us for one time!

If you are in Candelara in this period of the year, don’t miss Le Vie dei Presepi where you can admire nativity scenes crafted by artisans from all around Italy with all sort of materials (wax, wood, stone, terracotta, ceramic, silver, cork), small masterpieces all rigidly homemade.

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