Lazio and its sacred and profane Christmas

And here we are in Lazio! Christmas season here is special for the presence of the Pope in Rome. But also for the traditional folk celebration of Befana everywhere in the region.

Lazio fill in of Christmas events and with Rome and the Vatican city become the centre of the Christian Christmas festivities.

Let’s start with Rome. It dresses up and all the monuments are even more striking under the Christmas lights.


The Vatican city draws big crowds of pilgrims in the city.

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Les Journées Particulières of LVMH group in Italy

The third edition of Les Journées Particulières will be held from 20th to 22nd of May, during which the Houses of the LVMH group will open their doors to visitors.

Les Journées

In a European dimension, the Italian companies of the Group are included in an events program showing the link between modernity and tradition.

We will visit some to write about the excellent savoir-faire, in Rome we’ll go to Fendi, Acqua di Parma and Bulgari.

The visits are open to all those who register on Les Journées Particulières website.

Saddle maker and leather artisan from Tolfa

Bartolozzi 1 Bartolozzi 2 Bartolozzi 3 Bartolozzi 5 Bartolozzi 6 Bartolozzi 7 Bartolozzi 8 Bartolozzi 9 Bartolozzi 10 Bartolozzi 11 Bartolozzi 12

Tolfa is a little town nested on a steep hill in the middle of a beautiful and still partly uncontaminated countryside, hills and land as far as the eyes can see. This is a land for hunters, breeding farms and horses. It is located in the central part of Italy and it is the southern point of an area called Maremma where the proud horse riders are called “butteri”.

During my visits to Tolfa I’ve noticed that people and my friends living there, always wear a nice leather bag. So over the years I learned more about this particular leather bag called “catana”.

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