Christmas special: the Feast of Santa Lucia

Today we take a little break from our wandering through the Italian regions and their Christmas traditions because we want to celebrate Santa Lucia with you.

There are many legends and traditions associated with this Saint, typical only of certain areas of Italy, but they fully fit in the Christmas atmosphere.

The story of the Saint and her martyrdom is bloody and cruel, but Saint Lucia is a feast for children. A day of gifts and sweets, that they will get if they were good during the year. Therefore the story we want to tell you is more similar to the one that is told to children.santalucia

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Lombardy and its Christmas with Saint Lucia and Panettone

And here we are in Lombardy. Ready to know more about this region so rich of traditions?

Lombardy is located in northern Italy. The name has its origin from the Longobards who occupied the region in the sixth century, after the fall of the Roman empire.

In Lombardy the ancient and ritual tradition of the Yule log is also widely practiced throughout the region. People use to select the log among the most valuable woods as ash, pine, oak and even fruit trees.

At the arrival of the log in the houses would have followed always a big party, decorating the trunks with ribbons, leaves and flowers. Younger children rode on the stump astride and, in its wake, people doffed their hats and bowed. On Christmas the household head then would light up the log, often with the remains of the previous year. He also recited prayers and in some areas he poured on the trunk wine or grain, as good luckPeople believed that the remains of the log had healing powers and could use it in fact for most situations: to treat sick calves, to have a good harvest and even for human health as sickness of teeth.


Introducing the Christmas in Lombardy we have to talk about Panettone. One of the symbol of the Italian Christmas in the world.

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Handmade gloves: Soli Gerolamo workshop

Soli 1 Soli 2 Soli 3 Soli 4 Gerolamo Soli gloves Soli 6 Soli 7 Soli 8 Soli 9 Soli 10 Soli 11

I would like to talk about the first artisan company I approached for an interview to enter in the blog.
Few years ago my aunt introduced me to Soli Gerolamo knowing my interest on handmade products, it is a manufacturer of gloves based in a workshop just few blocks away from where she lives.
It is a family running company nested in a little town close to Bergamo in the north of Italy.
Soli makes beautiful gloves for the luxury industry and as soon as I set foot in the workshop I would have stand there forever looking at all that amazing tools and works.
When I was there for my interview they were working on the sampling collections and my eyes brighten up seeing so many luxury fashion company names.

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