Handmade figurines for the Neapolitan Christmas

Visiting Nativity scene artisans and workshops in Naples

It is Christmas time and in Italy there’s the tradition to recreate the Nativity scene next to the Christmas tree, so I decided to visit Naples where there are the grandest and most peculiar artifacts.

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Saddle maker and leather artisan from Tolfa

Bartolozzi 1 Bartolozzi 2 Bartolozzi 3 Bartolozzi 5 Bartolozzi 6 Bartolozzi 7 Bartolozzi 8 Bartolozzi 9 Bartolozzi 10 Bartolozzi 11 Bartolozzi 12

Tolfa is a little town nested on a steep hill in the middle of a beautiful and still partly uncontaminated countryside, hills and land as far as the eyes can see. This is a land for hunters, breeding farms and horses. It is located in the central part of Italy and it is the southern point of an area called Maremma where the proud horse riders are called “butteri”.

During my visits to Tolfa I’ve noticed that people and my friends living there, always wear a nice leather bag. So over the years I learned more about this particular leather bag called “catana”.

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Handmade gloves: Soli Gerolamo workshop

Soli 1 Soli 2 Soli 3 Soli 4 Gerolamo Soli gloves Soli 6 Soli 7 Soli 8 Soli 9 Soli 10 Soli 11

I would like to talk about the first artisan company I approached for an interview to enter in the blog.
Few years ago my aunt introduced me to Soli Gerolamo knowing my interest on handmade products, it is a manufacturer of gloves based in a workshop just few blocks away from where she lives.
It is a family running company nested in a little town close to Bergamo in the north of Italy.
Soli makes beautiful gloves for the luxury industry and as soon as I set foot in the workshop I would have stand there forever looking at all that amazing tools and works.
When I was there for my interview they were working on the sampling collections and my eyes brighten up seeing so many luxury fashion company names.

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